Established in the 1930 'The Progressive Group of Companies' has established itself as a market leader in filtration and customer focused solutions. The success of our company can be attributed to its ability to meet and exceed customers' expectations.


With over 80 years experience in the Australian beverage and water industry.

Progressive Group supplies filtration from our purpose built facility to a broad array of industries; including the beverage, paint, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and new world industries such as bio-fuel. As filtration is a vital part of so many companies and people across the globe, Progressive Group prides itself on being part of such an essential industry.


The Progressive Group team works closely with its customers that is why we have a loyal customer base encompassing a diverse range of industries from Beverage to Pharmaceutical. It is testament to the continuous improvement methodology that Progressive Group has adopted, along with a close relationship with our key suppliers that ensures we stay at the forefront of the industry in both service and product.



If you have any aroma or taste issues caused by TCA, TBA, TeCA or geosmin then the RONA™ FIBRAFIX can successfully remove the taint whilst






With over three generations of knowledge and skills we have dealt with projects on many different levels. The team consists of people who we believe will be a benefit to any project due to their previous experience and valuable insights they offer from the beginning to the end of any project.

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