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Filter bags are manufactured under strict quality control standards through our advanced manufacturing process.


• Operates on the principle of surface filtration

• Four industry standard sizes or custom

• Wide range of micron ratings

• Reusable or disposable

• Non-fiber releasing

• Can hold large quantities of contaminants under the right conditions

• Bags range in sizes from 1 to 800 micron and are available to suit a variety of applications



• Can filter normal temperature or high temperature gas

• Widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, building material, smelting, generating electricity, pottery, machinery, mine, petroleum, dyestuffs, food, grain processing

• Ideal medium to separate liquid from solid or purify gas


• Mono Mono-filament mesh - this surface filtration media removes particles using its mesh structure. The fibers are thermally bonded and the mesh material does not exhibit fiber migration. Micron levels range from 25 to 800 micron

• Needle felt - features a three dimensional structure of high porosity enabling high flow rate and high particle retention. High quality needle felt shows a 60-70% filtration efficiency. High quality needle felt with heat treatment surface has no fiber migration without reducing flow rate

• Melt -blown non-woven - multi-layer melt-blown depth filter media is made from polypropylene micro-fiber and consist of three layers. The inner layer is similar to woven polypropylene which maintains mechanical stability, the intermediate layer is melt-blown non-woven structure with 90% porosity with an efficiency level of 90-98% with large particle retention and the external layer is structured polypropylene needle felt. This bag shows good absorption capacity of oils and hydrocarbons

• Galvanized Steel ring, Stainless Steel ring, Steel ring, no ring or Plastic Flange filter bags are available. All Progressive Group bags are ready to use, our style of filter bags are sewn on the inside of the bag so that you don’t have to turn the bag inside out. We also design our bags so that the bag diameter is bigger than the ring diameter, thus no tension is applied to the sewn area. This prevents any damage to the bag and ensures no bypass of liquid through the bag

• Plastic flange filter bag with thermal bonded plastic offers 100% filtering by absolutely preventing bypass. As the differential pressure increases the integrity of the sealing unit increases. The plastic flange is available on the polypropylene and polyester range


With over three generations of knowledge and skills we have dealt with projects on many different levels. The team consists of people who we believe will be a benefit to any project due to their previous experience and valuable insights they offer from the beginning to the end of any project.

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