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RO systems are available in various sizes, Progressive’s Reverse osmosis spiral wound cartridges offer a filtration level of up to 1 angstrom (0.0001μm).


A typical water filtration system consists of the following; Pre-treatment system to protect the RO (reverse osmosis) cartridges. RO systems can be followed by Progressive’s UV steriliser or Ozone. Progressive has frame mounted skids to accommodate a range of applications and volumes.  We can accommodate  volumes from 100 litres per hour to 150,000  litres per hour. The process of pre-treatment:

1. Media filtration- use a filtration bed consisting of one or more layers of media granules. May be quartz sand, manganese sand, garnet, gravel or anthracite granules and may use more than one size range of granule. The granules have the ability to remove suspended particulates, iron, manganese or hydrogen sulphide.

2. Activated carbon filtration- used in the removal of dissolved and suspended organics, chlorine and chloramines. It can be of great assistance in reducing contaminant concentrations.

3. Water softening- using ion-exchange resins can prevent scale formation within RO systems by removing the hardness (multivalent cations) in RO feedwater. The most common of these ions include calcium (Ca+2), magnesium ( Mg+2), and iron (ferrous Fe+2), which tends to be soluble. Also the softener can be regenerated with an even higher concentration of salt.

4. Acid injection- the most effective way to prevent calcium carbonate scale formation is to lower the feedwater PH via the injection of an acid. The acid will convert bicarbonate ion into carbon dioxide

5. Scale inhibition and dispersion- are very effective at preventing the fouling of the RO membrane elements due to formation of scale. They slow the precipitation by inhibiting salt crystal growth.

6. Cartridge pre-filters- are recommended directly upstream of the RO high pressure pump and front end to protect the RO membrane elements from debris. These filters can also remove suspended solids that might otherwise foul the RO membrane. The filters can have a pore size rating from 5-25 U. m.





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